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We have decades of experience in managing and resolving challenging and dangerous conflicts. Our primary focus is helping corporate customers, and operating quickly, efficiently and confidentially.

Our services are tailored to you and your needs. Feel free to contact us and let’s discuss your situation and the different solutions available to you.

Help from elsewhere

If we are not the right company to help you, you will find additional resources for help in the links below.

Criminal cases:


Crisis situation and discussion assert :

Nationwide crisis hotline


Victim support

Intimate partner violence or threat therein:

Zero Line

Women's Line


Divorces and custody disputes:

Mediation of criminal and civil cases:

Neighbourhood Mediation Centre


Are you concerned about your situation?

Take advantage of our free assessment to gain clarity on your or your company’s situation. The situational assessment will provide you with the necessary information and signs on the different types of behaviors which need to be addressed.

If you feel that you need insight or professional help with your problem, please contact us.

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