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Effective conflict resolution

Every conflict is different and we plan the measures according to the prevailing circumstances as well as to the needs of our customers. Whilst some problems can be resolved with a single conversation with the individual presenting the problematic behavior, other more difficult situations may require more extensive intervention, requiring longer term negotiations, strategic communication planning, legal expertise as well as follow-up measures.

We process our assignments in accordance with the following process

1. Initial assessment

In the initial assessment phase, we examine the causes of the conflict, any underlying factors and possible consequences. The assessment can be done by phone or online in roughly 15-20 minutes and provides suggestions for possible future action. The assessment is free of charge, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

RCS process in conflict resolution

2. Analysis

In order to prepare a highly effective conflict resolution, we require an up-to-date picture of the current situation. Our multi-talented team carefully analyses each case from a psychological, communication, legal and risk management perspective. Thanks to our team, we are able to provide our customers with the best options for conflict resolution, no matter the case.

3. Resolution

Every situation is unique and actions are planned on a case-by-case basis individually with the client. For example, the conflict resolution could include reviewing materials, background checks, negotiation, strategic communication planning, contract preparation, legal actions as well as other conflict management methods.

4. Reporting

During the assignment, we actively report back to the customer on all the measures taken as well as the development of the situation. At the end of the case, the customer receives a final report which also includes possible threat and safety assessments and recommendations for action.

5. Follow-up measures

A severe conflict may result in psychological trauma, feelings of insecurity, fear or feelings of helplessness. With the help of follow-up measures, the customer is able to return to work with the same motivation as before and also possess the necessary tools to restore a sense of security.

Are you concerned about your situation?

Take advantage of our free assessment to gain clarity on your or your company’s situation. The situational assessment will provide you with the necessary information and signs on the different types of behaviors which need to be addressed.

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