Long and solid experience of a multiprofessional team, Sami Sallinen

Experience to support you

Our team of professionals consists of only the top experts in their field. Their long and extensive experience ensures that your problems are handled discreetly, efficiently and professionally. Your interest is in our interest, your problem is our problem.

Our negotiators

Our negotiators are professional crisis and threat negotiators with extensive experience of having resolved demanding situations in both the public and private sectors. With the help of a skilled negotiator, conflict resolution will undoubtedly be easier.

Our psychologists

Our psychologists, who are familiar with problem behaviour, are among the most experienced experts in their field. They profile, analyse, prepare threat assessments and recommendations for action, and participate in operational investigation if necessary. Our experienced professionals also help with the follow-up measures of a traumatic situation.

Our communications professionals

Our strategic communication professionals are here to help you and your company avoid the pitfalls of reputational risks. In the beginning of a conflict, it’s important to understand the situation also from a communicative perspective. Our experienced communication professionals plan a strategic communication plan that aims to reduce the potential for reputational risk.

Our lawyer

It is not always in the best interest of the client to resolve the matter in court, that’s why negotiation is a more efficient and cost-effective way to resolve conflict. Our litigation team are here to think of your best interest, anticipate the direction of the upcoming process, guide you in the right direction to resolve any conflicts, draft agreements and, if necessary, take the matter to court.

Experts at your disposal

Our service model offers the top experts in their field at your disposal. Our multi-professional team will analyze your problem and create the best possible business model to help resolve your conflict.

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Are you concerned about your situation?

Take advantage of our free assessment to gain clarity on your or your company’s situation. The situational assessment will provide you with the necessary information and signs on the different types of behaviors which need to be addressed.

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